When things get difficult the last thing you want to do is end up in a court of law. We have in-depth experience in resolving large and complex problems and contracts. We are skilled at either sitting between both parties in a facilitation and mediation role or in working solely for a client and leading the negotiation towards a mutually acceptable position.

If you trade internationally, then international law, jurisdiction of disputes and the law that governs any contract must all be carefully considered. If you are to trade internationally, either by selling your products or services internationally or conducting part of the manufacturing process in another country, you will need to have a written contract. LEXeFISCAL will be able to assist you to draft the necessary agreement and advice on jurisdiction.

An oversight may mean that you require a decision by an international court as to where the dispute should be heard and then a decision in that jurisdiction as to the outcome of the dispute. This method of solving a dispute is costly and lengthy; ensuring that a well drafted arbitration clause in the contract is used at the outset will help to avoid any unnecessary litigation.

Services Offered

- Review of disputed
- Sitting as Arbitrator
- Advising on the merits of arbitration
- Mediation
- Expert witness (on taxation)

Advising on merits of disputes:

- Drafting arbitration clause
- Advice on jurisdiction
- Assisting in selecting an Arbitrator
- Arranging Litigation/Arbitration Insurance
- Advising on Investment Treaties
- Institutional Arbitration
- ICSID [ International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes]
   - ICC Arbitration [International Chambers of Commerce]
   - Ad-hoc [Arbitration based on UNCITRAL rules]
   - Any other institutional rules

"Corruptissima re publica plurimae leges"

In the most corrupt state are the most laws


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