We offer compliance and advisory services to privately or family owned businesses, listed companies, Individuals and trusts.

Whether you are a small or family business company, or a listed PLC - LEXeFISCAL are able to assist. Our accounting, legal, financial planning and tax advisers work as a team so that clients benefit from advisers who are familiar with their industries and the particular challenges that are involved.

We work closely with many firms across a diverse range of management and financial situations including:

- Strategic planning.
- Partnership profit sharing.
- Succession planning.
- Mergers and acquisitions.
- Incorporation.
- Shareholders agreements.
- Repurchase of own shares.
- Capital reduction.
- Shareholders disputes.

We also provide advice on the extremely complicated array of tax issues that face the partnership and their partners.

With our experience and deep knowledge of HMRC structure, practices, compliance powers we can help you understand and manage your risk profile.

We help all types of people and businesses by:

- managing voluntary disclosures
- handling tax investigations , compliance checks and enquiries
- advising on information powers, interest and penalties
- undertaking general or specific tax risk reviews
- conducting tax appeals and litigation

Our specialist services reduce the burden on businesses and their owners, allowing them to concentrate their efforts on building the business and wealth.

Corporate Taxation

UK Companies

    - Corporate tax compliance
    - Corporate tax planning
    - Double Tax relief claims, or minimisation
    - Transfer pricing issues
    - Parent subsidiary issues
    - Group taxation
    - Taxation of financial instruments
    - Anti-avoidance Scheme or Arrangements

Non UK Incorporated Companies

    - Permanent Establishment
    - Double Taxation
        - Residence
        - Credit or Deduction for double tax suffered ( Article 23 or 24)
        - Transfer pricing
        - Limitation of benefits.
        - Dividend or Interest

Unincorporated business

Taxation of business profits:

    - Self-employed
    - Partnerships
    - Specialist professions
        - Doctors
        - Barristers
        - Solicitors
        - Independent Financial Advisors (IFA)

Double Tax issues for unincorporated business

    - Taxation of business profits
    - Permanent establishment

"Per aspera ad astra!"

Through difficulties to the stars!

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