LEXeFISCAL “UK Law Tax Firm of the Year” at the Acquisition International’s 2013 Finance Awards

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LEXeFISCAL is an innovative firm of Legal, Tax Advisors and Commercial Arbitrators. From central London we support our clients locally and globally with our services.

We offer compliance and advisory services to privately owned, entrepreneurs, listed companies and pension funds. Whether you are a small entrepreneur or a listed PLC, LEXeFISCAL are able to assist.

We have in-depth experience in resolving large and complex problems and are skilled at either sitting between both parties in a facilitation and mediation role or in working solely for a client and leading the negotiation towards a mutually acceptable position.

LEXeFISCAL working closely with our clients ensure that they receive a confidential, responsive and personal service that matches their style and needs.

Who uses our service?

Private Sector

- Corporate directors; that have complex remuneration packages, share options, multi-contracts or working in one or more jurisdiction(s).

- Independent business owners, employing more than 5 personnel, trading in the UK and or outside the UK.

- High Net Worth individuals, Inheritance or Capital Gains Tax with assets in excess of £350k excluding their main private residence.

- Individuals seeking to confirm or change their domicile or residence status in/from the UK.   (Domicile of Choice or Origin).

- Individuals holding several properties seeking to ring fence assets, for future generations.

- Business contract review, enforcement of contract and pre-litigation review.

Corporate sector

- Existing SME’s (Small Medium Enterprises); Turnover in excess of £500k;
  Remuneration planning; expansion of the business or exit strategy for shareholders etc.

- SME’s considering establishing a branch outside the UK, now or in the next 18 months.
  Review of appropriate DTA (Double Tax Agreement(s))

- Transfer pricing review and documentations or dealing with an attack from HMRC.

- International corporations establishing a branch or subsidiary in the UK,
  or seeking acquire an existing business in the UK.

- Property companies needing to maximise on Capital Allowances or ring fence assets.

- Technology companies, established or establishing themselves.

- Inheritance tax issue affecting corporate shareholders.

- Contract review and drafting.


- Sitting as arbitrator or mediator.

- Review of contracts and advising on the merits of arbitration or mediation.

- Advice on international investment treaties before venturing into an international investment.

"Vincit Veritas"

Truth will prevail

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