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About Us

Our Tax Law Boutique

 Founded on the 1st of September 2010

Based in London’s Mayfair, LEXeFISCAL is a tax law firm that provides legal and fiscal solutions to individuals and enterprises in the UK, Europe, America, Africa and other regions.

We practise the art and craft of tax. Thinking outside the box is our art, and expertise and experience is our craft. The combination of our art and craft enables us to provide tailored solutions to individuals and companies on domestic and international fiscal issues.

All of our clients are unique, and therefore require a personal approach to their specific enquiries. We see each of their concerns as challenges to make them compliant and enable them to prosper and preserve wealth for the next generation.

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Our Name

The name LEXeFISCAL is a combination of the word LEX (Latin for law) and FISCAL. The “e” is not only the conjunction, but also the fundamental interrelation of the two.

Conjunction and interrelation for three reasons:

1. The conjunction between the past and the future.  LEX represents the Roman Empire, which is noted for its impeccable legal system, while FISCAL expresses the dynamism of ever-changing international tax rules. With the Roman Empire as our inspiration, our hope is to be great in the constantly evolving tax law world, where Great Britain and its financial centre, London, are seen globally as the pulse of the future in business and society.

2. The interrelation between legal aspects and fiscal implications is the foundation for a robust, sustainable business from day one. Having a great business idea might be good, but setting out its foundations from a legal point of view and having tax planning to make sure the business is sustainable and secure is best.


3. The LEXeFISCAL logo portrays an unbalanced scale. We see our job as bringing stability by balancing legal and fiscal matters. The logo also expresses LEXeFISCAL’s aim to create the balance between satisfying our clients’ tax law needs and complying with the rules and regulations set out by the authorities.

Our Mission

LEXeFISCAL alleviates the burden of doing business in an environment littered with laws and taxes.


Our goal is to guide our clients in the right direction so that they can comply and prosper, and to deliver the highest level of customer service.


Our Vision

Tax advice is our Art. Inspired by brilliance, driven by knowledge, and blessed with personality, we aim to be an innovative, agile, authoritative niche player in the international tax law scene by providing personalised, ingenious solutions to businesses with an entrepreneurial spirit.

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"Art is the shortest path from human to human"

Jeffery Kissoon, self employed

Our 5S'Culture

Share Swiftly Smart Sustainable Solutions

"Share Swiftly Smart Sustainable Solutions"


1. Share

To us, sharing means multiplying, not dividing. Sharing beliefs, knowledge, thoughts, ideas, feelings and successes amplifies their qualities, which empowers our team. Sharing builds bonds and allows us to understand each other and create a better common space.

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