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Memberships and Qualifications: 


My motto: 

Nothing is impossible


Tel: +44 (0) 20 7129 1180



Kseniya is a senior associate consultant with more than 12 years’ professional experience providing effective legal and tax support to commercial companies and private clients, locally and internationally. She speaks English, Russian and French.
She has acquired a wealth of knowledge, enabling her to advise clients in tax law, financial law, international law, civil law, complex commercial transactions, contractual relationship, intellectual property, and in technology and software.


Kseniya has extensive experience in drafting, negotiating and appraising amendments to different types of contracts and legal documents.


She is a qualified lecturer, and has contributed to the following publications:


  • Tax Guide 2017-2018, Private Client Law in the Russian Federation

  • Biz4all program, ODB Brussels, 2016-2017

  • International Law in Advocacy (Ukraine, Lithuania), 2012-2014

  • East European School of Political Studies, 2009–2010

  • Multi-level Governance in the EU and Sweden, 2007.

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