Succession planning.

Succession planning

Peace of mind and a smooth transition

Business succession planning is a crucial process that every business owner should consider (unfortunately, not enough do). After all, a succession plan is the only way that ensures your business can continue after a change of ownership, retain its best employees and — if you want to keep the business in the family — develop the next generation of leaders.

At Lex e Fiscal, we understand the complex nature of succession planning, so we offer a comprehensive service that aims to make the process run as smoothly as possible; we’ll work closely with you to develop a plan meeting your needs and goals.

Our business succession planning service involves a series of key steps:

  • Consultation and assessment. We’ll meet to discuss your business and understand what you want from your succession plan. We’ll review your business structure, ownership and financial situation to identify challenges and grasp opportunities.
  • Business valuation. If you plan on selling your business, an accurate valuation of your business will be essential. The lucky thing is you can leave this part of the succession to us.
  • Succession plan development. Based on our assessment and valuation, we’ll develop a succession plan that meets your goals — whether you want to transfer ownership to family members or key employees, sell the business or liquidate it.
  • Implementation. Planning is just the first step; now, you must implement your plan. We’ll help you with all the necessary legal and financial arrangements, including tax planning and financial analysis.
  • Ongoing support. Successions are ongoing processes that require regular review and update. We’ll always be on hand with as much support and guidance as you need.

Benefits of our business succession planning service

By creating their succession plan with us, our clients have benefitted in several ways — do you want to obtain the advantages they have?

  • Peace of mind. With our long-standing expertise in succession planning, you’ll be able to retire happy, knowing your business is well looked after.
  • Minimised tax liabilities. Our team will simultaneously minimise your tax liability and maximise the value of your business during the transfer process.
  • Smooth transition. We’re transparent in our communication. You’ll never be left in the dark, scratching your head.

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