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Memberships and Qualifications:

MCIM, Italian Journalist. 2015 Acquisition International Award Winner: 2015 Best Adviser.

My motto:

Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth

Email: marianna.penna@lexefiscal.com

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7129 1180

Marianna PENNA


Marianna is the managing partner of LEXeFISCAL. Having joined LEXeFISCAL as a senior associate in 2012, Marianna was promoted to practice manager a year later. In 2018, she also took charge of marketing, communications and business development. She became managing partner in 2019, seizing what she saw as a great opportunity for a woman in the profession, and enthusiastically leading the firm while working very closely with her team on a daily basis.


Marianna has a background in marketing. As well as founding her own PR agency, she was marketing and communication director, and editorial director, of the international free press GRAB Student magazine.


She has directed many campaigns for multinational Italian companies, and was head of copy at a number of advertising agencies. She continues to write articles for Italian magazines about business opportunities, new trends, new channels of communication, and opportunities for young people.


Marianna’s creative background, together with her experience as a Practitioner Accountant in Italy, informs her belief that good tax advice is an art. She is passionate about communication and loves to connect with people.