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Trust & Planning

As well as helping to protect your assets, a fiduciary structure can offer you greater flexibility over their management and distribution. The most common type of fiduciary structure is called a ‘trust’, a binding arrangement whereby assets are transferred to a ‘trustee’, who is required to administer its assets for the benefit of specified beneficiaries. The trustee must do this strictly in accordance with the terms of the trust.

We provide worldwide licensed trust and trustee entities with: 


  • A bespoke offshore trust establishment service

  • Trusteeship and related services

  • Trust fund administration

  • Trust accounting and maintenance of asset ledgers

  • Reporting and filing when required

  • Financial consultancy and guidance

Inheritance Planning

Inheritance Planning

Inheritance Tax becomes due if a person’s estate is worth more than £325,000 when they pass away. This is called the Inheritance Tax threshold. The rate of Inheritance Tax is 40% on anything above the threshold.

We provide high net worth individuals and families with financial and tax planning to avoid tax burdens in the unfortunate event of a death. Our inheritance tax team tailor inheritance plans to suit each of our clients’ diverse needs. We take maximum advantage of all exemptions and laws so that you pay only the minimum necessary.

Measures include:


  • Using the spouse exemption within your will

  • Gifting assets

  • Setting up a trust

  • Taking out specific insurance policies

  • Skipping a generation

Personal Tax Compliance

Personal Tax Compliance

We provide bespoke tax planning advice for individuals and families. Our personal tax division acts as tax agent for private individuals including artists, actors, entrepreneurs, sports personalities and land/property owners.  Our specialties include:


  • Tax compliance issues

  • Self-assessment returns

  • Capital Gains Tax planning

  • Complying with flat tax issues for non UK residents

  • Remittance of income

  • Remittance of capital

  • Double tax treaties issues

  • Capital gains arising from sale of property

  • Investment income from abroad

  • Interest income

  • Dividend income

NCA Tax Investigation

NCA Tax Investigation

Government agencies regularly carry out enquiries to ensure that everyone complies with tax regulations. Individuals under investigation can rely on our swift and responsive team of qualified experts to plan a rebuttal. We are covered by fee protection insurance on behalf of our clients. The fees required to rebut a tax investigation are therefore usually covered.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is the process of arranging the bequeathing of a person’s estate during their life. It is a way of not only reducing uncertainties for your loved ones, but also reducing the possibilities of legal disputes. Estate planning maximises the value of the estate by reducing taxes and other expenses.

Letters of Administration

In case of an unfortunate accident or mental impairment, we ensure that our clients have in place Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) to cover health and welfare, and assets and finance. Should you experience a tragedy without an LPA in place, the courts will freeze your financial affairs. But if you have an LPA in place, someone you have previously appointed can look after your wealth and your health.

Letters of Administration


Our will writing services help you plan for the future, ensuring your assets go to the people or causes you choose. In the unfortunate event of a death, the last thing family members want is the often painful process of estate division. A will can help make a difficult time less difficult.

Succession Planning

Succession Planning

For family businesses, succession planning is crucial to sustain the company over time. By working with owners and family members to determine future ownership, employment and resource allocations, we can help to ensure the continued success of the business. Without proper succession planning, the business and the family can end up in conflict and legal difficulties.



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