Inheritance planning.

Inheritance planning

Secure your family’s future

We all want our family to have a great quality of life. But if your estate exceeds the inheritance tax threshold, your loved ones may end up receiving less than you planned.

Careful inheritance tax planning can allow you to continue providing for your family after you’re gone. We can use our in-depth knowledge of the tax system to ensure you meet your obligations while cutting down your inheritance tax bill as much as possible.

Our comprehensive inheritance tax planning services can include:

  • Tax relief advice. With our help, you’ll make the most of tax breaks such as spousal exemptions to protect your assets.
  • Advice on gift giving. Expert guidance on the best way to distribute your assets while you’re still alive. We’ll also advise you on how giving to charity can help minimise your inheritance tax bill.
  • Finding life insurance. We’ll find the best life insurance packages to ensure your family is financially secure after you’re gone.
  • Will-writing services. We can write up a tax-efficient will that ensures you don’t pay more inheritance tax than you need to.
  • Trust planning. Setting up a trust can give you more control over your assets and reduce your tax burden. We can help you set one up and take on a trustee role, ensuring your estate is distributed in accordance with the terms of the trust.

Years of experience working in this field means we’re well-placed to support high-net-worth individuals and families who often have more complex taxation needs.

Your financial well-being is our utmost priority, so we’ll work closely with you to create a bespoke inheritance tax strategy.

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