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Our Boutique
International Tax Law Firm

LEXeFISCAL was born on the 1st of September 2010 from an idea our senior partner (Dr Clifford J Frank) had to provide a one-stop boutique for clients seeking professional, bespoke legal and fiscal advice.


Having been in the tax law industry for 30 years, Clifford realised that the clients he looked after actually needed a single point of reference to deal with their legal and fiscal affairs, all under one roof. The clients loved the idea and, with a team of lawyers, LEXeFISCAL was launched. The firm has been successfully providing advice and solutions on non-reserved legal activities ever since.

Our Areas of Competence

Private Client

We provide bespoke tax and financial planning advice for individuals, families and trusts.  Lexefiscal advices many private individuals including successful artists, actors, entrepreneurs, sports personalities and land property owners.

Advising private clients is an ‘art’ based on the tenets of, discretion, confidentiality, and truth.


Our specialist private client team comprises tax advisers, financial planning, professionals and general business advisers.


We offer compliance and advisory and planning services to privately or family owned business, and listed companies, individual and trusts.


Whetever you are a small or business or large corporation, a listed PLC or Private Limited Company, Lexefiscal is able to assist.


Our accounting, legal, financial planning, and tax advisers work as a team so that clients benefit from advisers who are familiar with their industries and the particular challenges that are involved. 

Company Secretarial

When you have a small company, there are some routine items of compliance that you need to do to comply with the law, and one of the challenges for small business owners is knowing what you don’t know. The team at LEXeFISCAL have many years of experience working with very small companies ranging to very large, regulated companies.


By subscribing to our company secretarial service, we can help guide you around the regulations, and we will help ensure your records are maintained correctly so you can find important records when you need them.

International Coverage

We understand the Russian business culture and we can speak Russian this is why and how we ensure the best support and legal assistance for operating in the Russian and British markets. Thanks to our long-term experience in the region, LEXeFISCAL is ideally positioned to offer clients an in-depth knowledge and comprehensive understanding of subtle differences between legal environments and business cultures.


Our Russian Desk is an integrated team of lawyers with international experience who are fluent in Russian and have expertise in advising clients in the EEU region. Our one-stop project management approach and knowledge, combined with our extensive global partner network, means that investments and other commercial issues in either market can be dealt with as smoothly as possible.

Мы понимаем российскую бизнес-культуру и можем говорить по-русски - вот почему и как мы обеспечиваем лучшую поддержку и юридическую помощь для работы на российском и британском рынках. Благодаря нашему многолетнему опыту работы в регионе, LEXeFISCAL идеально подходит для того, чтобы предлагать клиентам глубокие знания и всестороннее понимание тонких различий между правовой средой и бизнес-культурой.


Наш Russian Desk - это сплоченная команда юристов с международным опытом, свободно владеющих русским языком и имеющих опыт консультирования клиентов в регионе ЕАЭС. Наш универсальный подход к управлению проектами и знания в сочетании с нашей обширной глобальной партнерской сетью означает, что инвестиции и другие коммерческие вопросы на любом рынке могут быть решены как можно более гладко

Our Tax Advisors

Vincit  Veritas
The truth will prevail

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