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Incapacity and death planning for business owners

15 October 2020

Protect your wealth and business  from beyond the grave

If you run a business or own shares in a limited company, you probably haven’t taken the steps necessary to protect those assets to ensure your loved ones receive the full value of them in the event you are suddenly taken ill and are never able to return to tidy up your affairs in the way you intend to.  

You might already have a will in place, but rarely is this sufficient on its own.  

If you are the sole director and shareholder of the business, your heir(s) will not be able to take any action with the company until they have agreed who will act as the director(s) and if more than one person inherits the shares, disagreements can arise beginning with who will act as the new directors, whether they are allowed to, and subsequently around the actions that they take as directors. Without planning, these issues can cause irreparable harm to the business, its assets, and personal or family relationships.  

You should consider whether your heirs have the desire or capability to operate your business or to deal with running a limited company, and to preserve the value within it and maintain your legacy.  

If you have business partner(s), the foundation of that partnership will fundamentally change without you. It is doubtful your business partner will share your level of commitment to your loved ones so you can expect that in time (or perhaps immediately) your business partner is likely to take steps to avoid having to share profits and assets with your heirs.  

People respond to family deaths and serious illness differently but one thing nobody needs at these times, is stress relating to a company, so act now and protect the business and wealth you have created.  

Get in touch with us now

At LEXeFISCAL we take care of all the necessary documentation and filings,  including your will, and if necessary, a declaration of survivorship.  

Speak to one of our experts today to find out what you need to do,  and what agreements you need to have in place, to ensure a successful transition of ownership, leadership and management. 

We will  help to  preserve  your wealth and  help  it to grow for the benefit of your loved ones for years to come. 

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