Company secretarial.

Company secretarial

Secretarial services run with care and consideration

Corporate administration and compliance are the fundamental pillars of any business. With our company secretarial services, you can streamline your operations, meet regulatory requirements, and establish a strong corporate framework.

Our team is highly skilled, well-organised, and trustworthy. You can count on us to handle your company’s administrative tasks with precision and diligence.

UK process agent

Deliver legal documents in a timely and reliable manner. Your personal information is secure with us.

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Transaction support

Manage your corporate transactions with ease and efficiency to complete them in realistic timeframes.

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Subsidiary management

Navigate the complex rules of company subsidiaries. Keep sight of the independence of each company.

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Statutory compliance

Easily file returns with Companies House and keep on top of every important deadline.

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Shareholders agreements

We’ll help you define shareholder agreements to ensure every point is correctly documented.

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Registered office service

Register your company office with our office — in the heart of Mayfair, London.

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General meetings (AGM’S)

We’ll communicate with the board, shareholders and directors to arrange meetings, including AGMs.

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Corporate documents

We can draft and review all corporate documents, from handbooks to deeds of variation.

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Dividend payments

We’ll assist you when it comes to managing your dividend disbursements.

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Deadline monitoring

Monitor you company deadlines. Never allow another one to slide away unnoticed.

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Data room management

Gather your company data required for a corporate transition and easily share it with your counterparts.

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Company incorporation

Would your company benefit from becoming a company? If so, we’d be happy to incorporate yours for you.

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Companies house filings

File your company information on time and with all the correct information.

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Board support

We’ll help you communicate with the company board to arrange meetings and keep them on your side.

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Board calendars

We’ll create a board calendar for you to ensure you can adequately cover all of your duties.

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