Letters of administration.

Letters of administration

Taking care of your loved one’s estate

If your loved one dies without a valid will, you may need to apply for letters of administration before you can manage their affairs. This official court document will authorise you to administer their estate, allowing you to distribute assets to the right beneficiaries.

The responsibility for administering an estate usually falls to the deceased’s next of kin. However, the process can be confusing — particularly when you’re grieving. As probate experts, we can help you through this difficult time by taking off some pressure.

  • Applying for letters of administration. We’ll determine whether you need to apply for letters of administration and guide you through every stage of the application. We can prepare all the forms for you, too — all we need is your signature.
  • Determining the value of the estate. Our probate specialists will discuss the details and value of your loved one’s estate to determine the best way to manage their affairs.
  • Paying inheritance tax. We can calculate any inheritance tax due on the estate and help you pay the right amount.
  • Identifying beneficiaries. We’ll help you identify the correct beneficiaries to ensure the estate is distributed fairly.
  • Distributing assets. Once you’ve paid any debts and taxes, you’ll need to distribute the assets according to intestacy rules. We’ll guide you through this process to help you comply.

The amount of paperwork involved when someone dies can be overwhelming, particularly if you need to apply for letters of administration. Our services are here to relieve some of that administrative burden, so it’s easier to take care of your loved one’s estate.

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