Trusts & planning.

Trusts & planning

Stay in control of your assets

A trust can be a useful wealth management tool for you and your family. Setting up a trust is often more tax-efficient than leaving assets in a will, but they are often complicated and difficult to get right. You’ll need expert guidance to make your trust as tax-efficient as possible.

As trusts & planning specialists, we can help you form a trust that puts you firmly in control of your assets. We provide a comprehensive range of trusts & planning services including:

  • Bespoke offshore trust establishment services. Using an offshore trust can be a more tax-efficient way to manage your estate than leaving assets in your will. We’ll help you establish an offshore trust so you can pass more of your wealth to the next generation.
  • Trusteeship and related services. You’ll need to designate a trustee to distribute your assets in accordance with the terms of your trust. We can take on this role for you, ensuring your beneficiaries receive the right funds at the right time.
  • Trust fund administration, reporting and filing. Our eagle-eyed experts can handle all the admin for your trust, saving you a potential headache. We’ll also take care of any reporting and filing as needed.
  • Trust accounting. As your accountants, we’ll monitor the funds held in your trust and offer guidance on managing them.
  • Maintenance of asset ledgers. We can record and keep track of your asset ledger, ensuring everything is accounted for.

With your trust in safe hands, you can rest easy knowing your assets are protected and well-maintained.

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